Sunday, August 12, 2007

August Rockfest Statistics

Some interesting statistics for you to ponder while I get around to double-checking Pat's accounting and posting the total raised from this HUGE night.

On Friday night we sold (or gave away):
146 cans of regular V
126 bottles of Water
100 cans of Coke
60 little Freddos
30 Pies
22 cans of V Berry
21 little packets of Fruit Tingles
19 Pizza slices
13 cans of Orange
11 cans of Lift
9 bags of Snakes
8 packets of Wizz Fizz
5 cans of Diet Coke
4 cans of Lemon
3 tropical Primas
2 apple raspberry Primas
1 can of cheapo Cola
and 1 can of cheapo Diet Cola

At some stage during the night we sold out of 10 of the 18 items we had for sale (and either bought more or stopped selling them)

The smallest number of people in the canteen at any one time was 3
The greatest number of people in the canteen at any one time was 9

3 of the people (officially) working in the canteen were doing so for the first time

The amount of money we lost by giving away or discounting stuff, we almost exactly made up in donations and bag/jacket minding.

On average, for each person who attended rockfest, approximately $3 was spent in the canteen.


Pat said...

I don't think I added it up wrong, though I may have cos Jmaes, Caity's bfs' friend, and I think Lateisha were saying different numbers at the same time. But it should be fine.

Caughey said...

Yeah not implying any error.
Just common sense to double check it.

Pat said...

I know LoL we did pretty good